Half-Baked Hits!

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These are tunes of mine that I’ve recorded over the years that, mostly, DON’T appear in any of my CD releases. With the occasional exception that I’ll note, none were recorded professionally. Most will have been recorded by me on my home system, a system with which I confess to being only marginally competent! As a result, none are “release-ready” and some are quite rough. Still, they’re fun to listen to. Every month I intend to put a new cut here, so check back in!

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This month's “Half-Baked Hit” is a real rocker! It's a real OLD rocker! It's a long story. Back around 1979 or, maybe, 1980 a buddy of mine and I decided to get up a band. The buddy was Frank Mayes. We decided to, preemptively, write a song for this new band. The band idea died on the vine and so, too, did the song. We had never completed even an entire verse! However, some time later I dusted off the idea and completed the song.

The basic idea of the narrative is as told by an old bar-fly who hangs out at the bars, hoping to possibly pick up a girl. I dropped one verse that told what a pathetic person he is. The resulting song is, well, a bit more relatable! It could be told by most anybody who frequents rock-n-roll bars. Anyway, it works OK for just the acoustic guitar and would be pretty darned good played by a basic rock band. Here's my stripped down, demo version of it: Bar-Hoppin!