Half-Baked Hits!

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These are tunes of mine that I’ve recorded over the years that, mostly, DON’T appear in any of my CD releases. With the occasional exception that I’ll note, none were recorded professionally. Most will have been recorded by me on my home system, a system with which I confess to being only marginally competent! As a result, none are “release-ready” and some are quite rough. Still, they’re fun to listen to. Every month I intend to put a new cut here, so check back in!

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This month's tune is a tune that has been "formally" recorded twice, once on my "Varnell Road" CD and once on Helen's "Silver Lining" CD. It's my tune, "Star Light." This month's version is a little different take on it, in that it's done with 12-string guitar and MIDI bass.

I don't know what genera to drop this tune into. Some people hear it and assume it's a classical piece! I am certainly not a classical player, so I don't think that characterization can be true! It reminds me more of some of the stuff I hear these really hot acoustic folk players doing. I don't know. Whatever it is, I like it and other people seem to as well. I hope you do!

Once again this month, I apologize to my bass-playing friends for the MIDI bass. It's just easier for me to use MIDI in my home studio than it is to play REAL bass guitar on it! At any rate, I hope you enjoy it! Let me know if you do!